IUD – Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the types of IUD’s?
Please read our IUD page that describes the different types of IUDs.

What do they cost?
If you do not have extended medical coverage the cost in our office is:
Mirena – $400.00, Kyleena – $400, Copper – $75.00

What will it cost to insert if I don’t have BC Care Card? There will be a charge of $160.00 for anyone who does not have a BC Care Card. If you have coverage from another province we can give you a receipt to send in and you may get refunded all or a portion of the fee from them.

Will the insertion hurt?
You will likely feel a strong cramp at the time of the insertion. We use a local anesthetic on your cervix and recommend that you take ibuprofen 1 hour before your appointment to help with the cramping. Most women feel fine after resting for a few minutes. Some women do find that the cramps remain strong and may be given a stronger pain killer if needed.

How long does the IUD take to start working?
IUDs work immediately. Make sure you use condoms if there is risk of sexually transmitted diseases.

How often should I get it checked?
After your first period or in about one month, check to see if you can feel the string by putting your finger inside, to the top of your vagina. If you can’t feel the string or if you feel any hard plastic, check with a doctor. If you don’t want to do the string check yourself, book an appointment with your regular doctor or with us. After the first month, you only need to get checked if you notice something wrong. Note: Bayer will replace your IUD (Mirena, Kyleena or Jaydess) free if it comes out in the first 6 weeks AND you see a doctor about it.

What should I do if I am bleeding heavier than my normal period?
Don’t worry. Expect that copper IUDs will make your first periods quite heavy and that they will get better after three months. If they remain very heavy, make sure you eat well or take iron supplements so that you do not become anemic.

What should I do if I have really bad cramps?
Ibuprofen 400-800 mg is the best for cramps. Heat (hot water bottle, heating pad, etc) and anything that helps you relax will help.

What should I do if I have a positive pregnancy test?
If you get pregnant with an IUD, check with a doctor to make sure it is a normal pregnancy.

Can I go to work after the insertion?
Most women feel well enough to continue their normal activities that day and are able to control any cramps with ibuprofen. Some women do have very strong cramps and need to rest. Unfortunately we cannot tell how it will be for you. Don’t plan any major physical activity that day (running a marathon, moving house).

How long will my appointment be?
You will be here at our office for approximately 1 hour. You will fill out forms when you come in and do a urine sample. You will then see the doctor for the insertion. After the insertion we will ask you to rest for about 10 min for us to make sure you are feeling OK.

Will the IUD affect future pregnancies?
Within one month after the IUD has been removed, your fertility will be back to normal.

Do you do ultrasounds?
The doctor will do an ultrasound before the insertion to check your uterus and then again after the insertion to make sure the IUD is in correct position.

Will I bleed after the insertion?
You may have some bleeding at the time of and after the insertion so we ask you to bring a pad with you. The bleeding may last for a few days or even weeks depending on how your body adjusts to the IUD. You may have spotting on and off or a day or two of heavy bleeding. This is normal and should settle down within 3 months.

Do I have to make an appointment?
Yes you do need to call us 604-709-5611. We do not take walk in patients.

How long does it take to get an appointment?
There is often a 3 – 4 week wait for an appointment.

Is it OK to have an MRI or an X-ray with an IUD in place?
Yes – The IUD will not interfere with the tests.

How long should I wait to book the IUD insertion after my baby is born?
At least six weeks.

Can I use tampons? What about menstrual cups?
Yes. When using your cup, just make sure you break the suction before removing it.

Will I feel it during sex? Will he feel it?
Occasionally, you may feel a twinge, but it shouldn’t hurt. About 5% of men (1 out of 20) say they can feel the strings, but it usually doesn’t bother them. If it does bother your partner, we can shorten or tuck the string up out of his way.

Is there anything I should be watching for?
Yes, if you get a fever, steady pain and/or a smelly discharge, you might have an infection that needs to be treated.

How soon can I have sex?

The IUD works right away, but you might feel some pain during sex in the first few days after insertion.

What should I do if the string feels longer?

Don’t panic. Your cervix moves naturally during your cycle and when it moves down the string will feel closer to the outside of your vagina. A long string could mean that the IUD is coming out. If it stays longer, get a doctor to check.

What should I do if I can’t feel the string?

Don’t panic. Many women never can feel the strings. You might ask your partner to try because he may have longer fingers. If you are worried that it has come out without you seeing it, you can get a doctor to check.

Can I have the IUD removed at your clinic?
Yes – if you decide you would like to get pregnant or decide you no longer want the IUD you may call the office 604-709-5611 and book an appointment.

Can I have a new IUD inserted at the same appointment as getting the IUD removed?
Yes – it is best not to take a break between IUDs, because if you do, you will have to go through the same adjustment reaction (cramps and bleeding) as the first time. If you get it done at the same appointment, you will only have a day or two of bleeding.

When can I have the IUD removed?
You may have the IUD removed at any time.

How long after removal do I have to wait before I try and get pregnant?
It is not dangerous to get pregnant right away, but better if you wait for one period cycle.

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