Resources and Links

Other Vancouver Abortion Clinics

Everywoman’s Health Centre

Elizabeth Bagshaw Women’s Clinic

BC Women’s CARE Program
CARE Program

Other B.C Abortion Clinics

Vancouver Island Women’s Clinic
250 480 7338

Kelowna Clinic
250-980-1399   Nanaimo B.C.

Medical Abortions up to 9 weeks, IUDs and IUD emergency contraception.

Other Resources

Pregnancy Options Help Line
604-875-3163 or 1-888-875-3163

This is a free confidential help line where you can get information about the abortion services available in BC.

Sweet Birch Counselling and Wellness
Post-abortion support, relationship and personal counselling for women and couples in Vancouver and Burnaby. Sliding scale available.

Backline 1-888-493-0092
This is a free confidential talk line where you can talk to an advocate about your decision or feelings about an un-wanted pregnancy. Hours: 5-10 pm Mon-Thurs and 10 am to 3 pm Fri- Sun.

Pregnancy Options Decision-Making Workbook
This may help you work through the pros and cons of having an abortion or having a baby this pregnancy.

Options For Sexual Health
(formerly Planned Parenthood)
Facts of Life Line: 604-731-7803
This is a hotline where you can get information about birth control, sexually transmitted diseases and other sexual information.

Mosaic Interpretation Services
You can book an interpreter through Mosaic to come with you to the abortion clinic.
This is a website with lots of information about birth control and sexually transmitted diseases.
Here is more information about sexually transmitted diseases.

Other Pro-choice Organizations

Pro-Choice Action Network

I’m Not Sorry.Net

Students for Choice – University of British Columbia

Childbirth by Choice Trust

Catholics for a Free Choice

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