Breast biopsies

When a woman finds a lump in her breast or has an abnormal mammogram, there are sometimes unacceptably long waits to get the next tests done to see if she has breast cancer. One simple test can be done at Willow Clinic called a fine needle aspiration. This only works if the lump can be felt so we are sure the sample is taken from the right area.

A fine needle aspiration takes only a minute and is no more uncomfortable than an injection. The sample is sent to the lab and the results are available in 2-3 days.

If you are worried about a breast lump, you may make an appointment at Willow to have a doctor examine it and perhaps take a biopsy so that you will know if it is cancer or not within a few days.

We will do the biopsy and send the results to your family doctor or clinic that you deal with. We will not be able to offer you continuing care after the procedure.

If you have a BC Care Card there is no cost for this procedure. If you do not have a BC Care Card the cost will be 250.00.

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