Medical Abortion at a Distance

For women who do not live in the lower mainland or on Vancouver Island and therefore have difficulty going to Willow Women’s Clinic in Vancouver (604-709-5611) or Vancouver Island Women’s Clinic in Victoria (250-480-7338), and are able to do the tests described below in their own communities, we offer medical abortions at a distance. This service is available to women who live in BC more than a 2 hours drive (Chilliwack, Squamish or further) from our office and is not available to women who live on Vancouver Island.

Here is a video explaining our service:

You must be able to:

Talk to us by Skype, using video, from your computer during the appointment times we give you.

Have a blood test done quickly before, during and after the treatment. Have an urgent ultrasound if indicated by the blood test (and possibly some afterwards). The blood test/ultrasound must show that you are less than 7 weeks (less than 5 weeks from conception)

Have several blood tests or an ultrasound to make sure the abortion is complete.

Be able to get a D&C in your own community or come down to our clinics for surgery if the medical abortion is unsuccessful.

You will need a family doctor or to visit a doctor at a walk-in clinic who can order your local tests.

Pay $140 for the medications and courier by credit card or money transfer.

If you do not have a Care Card with valid MSP insurance, the fee will be $440 plus any costs for the blood tests and ultrasounds (about $173 for each ultrasound and $35 for each blood test).


You will call our clinic at 604-709-5611 to let us know that you are interested in this treatment and give us all of your information including care card number. You will need to provide us with a name, phone # and fax # of a lab that you are able to have blood and urine tests at. You will need to provide us with the doctor’s name, phone # and fax # that you have consulted with and has agreed to assist us. You will need to give us your Skype login name as well. We will give you a chart # that you will use for reference.

You will fill in the questionnaire on this web page and submit it. (In the left hand column at the bottom). When you save the questionnaire it will say at the top “Data has been saved successfully”. This means it has been sent to us and we will be able to print it for your chart. DO NOT fill out the questionnaire form until you have spoken to the office and have been given a chart #.

You will have an initial Skype visit with our doctor who will review your history and decide which tests you will need.

We will fax a requisition to the lab and you will need to go in as quickly as possibly for the tests. There may be a charge of $15.00 – $20.00 at the lab.

If it is decided that you require an ultrasound your local doctor will need to organize that for you.

When all of the required tests have been done and we have the results showing that you are eligible for this treatment, we will give you an appointment time.

You will need to print out a copy of the consent form and the diary which are at the bottom of this page.

We will contact you via Skype at your scheduled appointment time. We will require the rest of the payment in full before you meet with the doctor. You will meet with our doctor by Skype to go over the tests and your medical history to make sure it is safe for you to have a medical abortion. Then you will meet with our counsellor by Skype and she will show you how to use the medications, what to expect and answer any questions you have. This process may take up to 2 hours. If you decide at any time not to continue with the process we will refund a portion of the fee.

We will courier the medications to you. You (or a designated adult) will need to sign for the package. You will call us to let us know that you have received the medications.

You will go to the lab for another blood test on the day you are going to take the Methotrexate. You will take the Methotrexate which stops the pregnancy from growing. Antibiotics are used to prevent infection. You will put misoprostol pills into your vagina and this will start the bleeding. We will also give medication to help with the side effects of the abortion medications.

You will either have another ultrasound after a week or another HCG blood test to make sure the pregnancy is gone. If you use all the mediations correctly, there is only 1-2% chance that the pregnancy is still growing and you will need surgery. There is 20% chance that the pregnancy has stopped growing but is still inside you. We call this a delayed reaction. This is not dangerous and you will not need surgery unless you prefer it. Your body will go through the process of a natural miscarriage which can take a few weeks. We will continue to follow you until the abortion is complete.

If you need surgery because the medications didn’t work or because you have a delayed reaction and you prefer surgery to waiting, you can come down to Vancouver (Everywomans’ Health Centre) for your surgery (no fees) or arrange for a D&C close to home. It is not called an abortion if the pregnancy has stopped growing so many more hospitals and doctors will provide the service.


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