What do abortions cost?

All visits and tests should be covered on the provincial medical plans. (except Quebec)

If you do not have BC Medical you will be required to pay the costs up front and once we are paid by your provincial plan, we will reimburse you the costs of the visits ($400.00).

Mifegymiso: The cost of the medication is $325.00 This may be covered by your extended health plan. We have no way of knowing if your plan will cover it so you will need to contact them directly. When you call you will need the DIN # 02444038.

Methotrexate/Misoprostol: The cost of the medication is $100.00. Those with extended medical plans may be reimbursed.

No Provincial Medical Coverage:  Women who do not have provincial medical coverage are required to pay $725.00 for a Mifegymiso abortion or $500.00 for a Methotrexate abortion. This covers all of your pregnancy related office visits, ultrasounds, consultations, and medications. If we need to send you to the lab for any additional blood work (usually not necessary) there may be other charges. If this procedure fails and you need surgery, there will be no additional cost if the surgery is done at Everywomans’ Health Centre but there will be additional costs if it is done elsewhere. If you attend our office for the doctor portion only, the cost is $190.00 and if you are unable to have the medical abortion, for whatever reason, you will have to pay the full cost at another clinic.

The other clinics in Vancouver are government funded and are free for BC residents.


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